Gay Migrants in Switzerland

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GayMigs – An Initiative from HAZ (Homosexuals Workgroup of Zurich)

Why is GayMigs being set up?
  • To assist and advise gay emigrants & their loved ones or family on different sensitive issues
  • To interlink gay emigrants with one another
  • To facilitate integration through understanding & explaining of culture activities/ differences
What can GayMigs do?
  • Offer services from our partners, who are experts in fields of culture, social & law
  • Provide assistance & consultation via HAZ
  • Informal forum for discussion in the Club GayMigs through Gayromeo
  • Regular monthly meetings in Café Centro
  • Platform to showcase member’s culture & practices
How does one reach GayMigs?
  • Internet:
    GayMigs can be found in Gayromeo, under Clubs. Simply add us into your club list and request for the free membership. As members, you will receive all information about the club.
  • HAZ:
    Simply send us an email with the subject: “GayMigs” at info@haz.ch or call us at 044 271 2250 every Wednesday from 2pm to 6pm.
  • Café Centro:
    We also have regular meetings every last Friday of the month in Café Centro at HAZ from 7.30pm.